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Francesca Alonzo

Francesca Alonzo has been a devoted animal lover since she was a young girl, but her passion in behavior and training grew large when she noticed severe social changes in her own pup Gypsy. She put her life on hold and made the decision to rehabilitate her loved animal companion and learn the trade of training and behavior modification. She is an ABC graduate as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and has 5 years of experience shadowing, observing, interning, and assisting a handful of head trainers from facilities in the Bay Area and Reno. Her hands on experience comes from veterinary settings, training facilities and, boarding and daycare operations.

After learning a combination of different techniques and being exposed to both ends of the training spectrum, she truly learned (and is always learning) what it means to communicate with your dog. She thinks learning the canine language should be a key component in any dog or puppy training program, understanding physical and mental developmental stages is crucial in rearing a happy and balanced pup.

Most importantly, Francesca is passionate about educating the public and all pet parents and lovers to the very basic socializing needs of puppies and young adolescent dogs. She believes proper socialization at the very beginning and throughout the dogs younger years will help prevent the high percentage of re-homing and euthanasia.


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