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Lynette Bunyard

Lynette Bunyard surrounded by her two large dogs

Lynette learned to bark before she learned to talk. At least that's what her mother always said. So it seemed inevitable that she would end up working with dogs and their people. She took the long route by working in high tech for many years before deciding to make a career that included her love for dogs. Lynette has had three puppies graduate from SIRIUS® training over the past 16 years before becoming a trainer herself. She found SIRIUS®' approach helped her to form positive and well adjusted relationships with her dogs that lasted a life time. She is excited to be able to offer these techniques to help others get the most out of sharing their lives with dogs.

Prior to teaching on her own, Lynette assisted Debby Knott, Pam Behrens and Eleanor Stewart to deliver classes and puppy socials. Lynette graduated and received her certification from Animal Behavior College. She is also a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). In addition to teaching group classes for SIRIUS® Puppy Training.

Lynette lives in a 100 year old home in San Jose with her husband and her dog, Spot (rescued mutt).

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Available classes

Class info Location Day Time Start Sign Up
Basic Household Manners San Jose Thursday 7:15pm May 16
Puppy Training I San Jose Thursday 6:00pm May 16
Puppy Training I San Jose West Tuesday 6:30pm May 28
Puppy Training II San Jose West Tuesday 7:45pm May 28
Puppy Training I San Jose Thursday 6:00pm Jun 20
Puppy Training II San Jose Thursday 7:15pm Jun 20
Basic Household Manners San Jose West Tuesday 7:45pm Jul 9
Puppy Training I San Jose West Tuesday 6:30pm Jul 9