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Rebecca Hoffman

Rebecca Hoffman, CPDT-KA and supporting member of IAABC, has been involved in the dog world of the San Francisco Bay Area for nearly a decade. She demonstrated early on in her career a specialty for canine body language through her hearing disability. While many would consider a hearing impairment to be a set back to overcome, it proved to be a huge asset for Rebecca, in helping manage doggie playgroups and while working with otherwise difficult dogs. The absence of sound allowed for full concentration on the subtleties in each dog’s personal conversation styles. Dog Training is a passion in teaching communication between different species, enriching their lives, and supporting peaceful co-habitation.

In tandem to Sirius classes, Rebecca competes in Flyball, Barn Hunt, and Dock Diving with her 3 dogs, Archer, Cooper and Fiver.

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Available classes

Class info Location Day Time Start Sign Up
Basic Household Manners Sunnyvale S Mary Tuesday 7:00pm May 21 Join the waiting list
Puppy Training I Sunnyvale S Mary Tuesday 6:00pm May 21
Basic Household Manners San Jose West Wednesday 7:45pm May 22
Puppy Training I San Jose West Wednesday 6:30pm May 22