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Virtual Puppy Kindergarten has been a tremendous success and will remain online only. Register here. We also will continue to offer Virtual Dog Training Classes for your convenience. See the complete schedule of online offerings.

Please note that we are a California-based company, and all classes are listed in Pacific Standard Time.

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Puppy Kindergarten

For puppies between 8-12 weeks old on the first day of class. This class is $200 for 4 sessions total. Each session is approximately 50 minutes.

Puppy Kindergarten Curriculum

Household Training: House Training, Chewing, Barking, and Home Alone Problems (Separation Anxiety), Crate Training, Resource Guarding

Puppy Biting and Handling: Catch, Cuddle, Exam and Restrain your Puppy, Veterinary and Groomer Handling Routines, Frustration Tolerance, Calming and Gentling

Manners & Safety Training: Puppy Obedience Training, Manners, Impulse Control, Boundary Training, Settle Down, Training Games 

Safe Socialization: Socialization to People, Introducing New Environments, Calm and Confident Attitude, How to Throw a Puppy Party

Learn how to toilet train, chew toy train and safely socialize your pup with people; address puppy biting, whining and crying; prepare your puppy for handling by veterinarians and groomers and prevent household behavior problems such as house soiling, destructive chewing, and chewing.

Puppy Kindergarten is a SIRIUS innovation. It is a set of four classes designed to ensure that you receive urgent training at the earliest possible time. There are three elements of puppy training that must be addressed in a puppy’s first three months of life:

1) Puppies must be thoroughly, yet safely, socialized to people so that later in life, they do not become wary or fearful of children, strangers, or men.

2) Puppies must learn to be gentle with their mouths so they do not inflict serious injury on people or animals as their jaws grow substantially stronger.

3) Puppies must learn how to live in a human home so they do not damage your belongings or suffer from separation anxiety.

Though not as urgent as the above items, puppies will be introduced to basic manners and obedience commands as well. While you may have your puppy on hand for a little bit of practice and demonstration, Puppy Kindergarten is primarily a seminar-style course which provides information for you on how to set your pup up for success.

Don’t feed your puppy right before class. Instead, bring their kibble to class in a ziploc bag for use as lures and rewards while training. Also bring a few extra-tasty treats to reward your pup for their best performances. Make sure your treats are in small, bite-sized pieces that won’t fill your pup up or take long for them to eat.

Have your dog/puppy wear a flat, buckle/snap collar, with a 6' leash. “Flexi” retractable leashes are not appropriate for class. No noose or collars that tighten please. Harnesses are allowed in classes for walking exercises, but please also bring a flat collar for use during off leash play. The least amount of "gear" on during puppy play the better!

We also recommend bringing a small water bowl for personal use.

If your dog is between 12-18 weeks old, Puppy Training I is the age-appropriate class to start with.

If your pup is older than 18 weeks old, Adolescent & Adult Manners is the age-appropriate class to start with.


Age: 8 - 12 weeks of age as of the first day of class.

Vaccination: For Puppy Kindergarten we require the first DHLPP or DHPP vaccine (specifically Distemper and Parvo) given at least 7 days prior to first session. Proof of vaccination is required at the first class.

Handlers: We require at least one adult per enrolled puppy. We encourage the whole family attend the class together but if children are three years or younger, a second adult must be present.

Pups must be carried into class: As a reminder, young puppies are not fully vaccinated yet. Therefore, as a precaution, we ask that you carry your puppy to class in your arms or in a carrier and avoid walking through parks or on public walkways. We ask that you DO NOT allow your puppies to greet other pups or dogs, fellow students or otherwise, outside of the classroom. This is the protocol for all Puppy Kindergarten classes.

This class is $200 for 4 sessions total. Each session is approximately 50 minutes long. Please note that we are a California-based company, and all classes are listed in Pacific Standard Time.
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Available classes

Class info Location Trainer Day Time Start Info Sign Up
Puppy Kindergarten San Jose (Orion) Dieuwke Wednesday 6:00pm (PST) Jan 19 Class info
Puppy Kindergarten Palo Alto (Cubberley) Sue Saturday 9:30am (PST) Jan 22 Class info
Puppy Kindergarten San Jose (Orion) Dieuwke Saturday 9:00am (PST) Jan 22 Class info
Puppy Kindergarten Berkeley (Live Oak Park) Leanne Saturday 9:00am (PST) Jan 29 Class info