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Puppy Kindergarten (Online)

$250 for 5 Weekly 50 Minute Sessions

For puppies between 8-12 weeks (56-84 days) old on the first day of class.

For the best possible education for your puppy, you should enroll in a Puppy Kindergarten Class that begins when your pup is 8-12 weeks of age, and also enroll in a Puppy Training I Class that begins before your pup reaches 18 weeks of age.

Each session takes place on Zoom and will require a high-speed internet connection and a computer or mobile device.

A. Household Training: Potty Training, Chew Toy Training, Crate Training, Barking, and Resource Guarding.

B. Puppy Biting and Handling: Catch, Cuddle, Examine, and Restrain your Puppy. Teach Bite Inhibition, Frustration Tolerance, Calming, and Gentling.

C. Manners & Safety Training: Puppy Obedience Training, Manners, Impulse Control, Boundary Training, Settling Down, and Training Games. 

D. Safe Socialization: Socialization to People, Introducing New Environments, Developing a Calm and Confident Attitude, and How to Throw a Puppy Party.

E. Basic Training Foundations: Introduction to Basic Skills, Lure/Reward Training, Marker Words, Sit, Down, Stand, Touch, and Eye Contact.

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