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Redirecting Rowdy Behavior

Basic Manners II: this is a continuing education class for dogs that have completed either Puppy 1 or Basic Manners Foundations.

Take your training to the next level! In this course we expand upon the foundation skills you’ve learned by adding distance and distraction. We’ll also introduce lots of new behaviors that will help you manage your rowdy teenager or overly energetic adult dog. 

Covered In Class:

  • Place work - go to your bed and stay there, chill out
  • Curbing Jumping and Mouthy Behavior 
  • Leave it/Don’t Touch 
  • The Magic of Chew Toys - active vs passive food dispensers
  • Wait - teach pause at boundaries, such as doorways, crates, and cars
  • Loose Leash & Heel - walk by my side and pay attention, please
  • Recall Games - how to teach your dog to want to come when called

For ages 15 weeks and up. Prerequisite - online Puppy Training I, Basic Manners Foundations, or in-person Puppy Training I or Basic Household Manners.

This Live Online class will be conducted using Zoom and will require a high-speed internet connection and a computer or mobile device.

Progressive, 5-week, semi-private courses, weekly one hour sessions. For 2 - 6 students.

Available classes

Class info Location Trainer Day Time Start Info Sign Up
Redirecting Rowdy Behavior SIRIUS Live Online Rayel Wednesday 6:00pm (PST) Apr 21 Class info
Redirecting Rowdy Behavior SIRIUS Live Online Leanne Tuesday 7:30pm (PST) May 11 Class info