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Redirecting Rowdy Behavior

Tame your wild beast! This course teaches your dog impulse control around food, toys, and greetings. Mat work teaches your pup to just chill out and relax in their place for extended periods of time while you cook, eat, entertain, or answer the door. 

  • Off/Leave It/Take It (for food from hand and floor and tug toy control)
  • Tug w/Rules
  • Mat Work - Find Mat, Stay w/Duration, Distance, & Distraction
  • Polite greeting (sit to greet)

For ages 15 weeks and up. Prerequisite - online Puppy Kindergarten, Puppy Training I, Basic Manners Foundations, or in-person Puppy Training I or Basic Household Manners.

This Live Online class will be conducted using Zoom and will require a high-speed internet connection and a computer or mobile device.

Progressive, three-week, semi-private courses, weekly one hour sessions. For 2 - 4 students.

Available classes

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Redirecting Rowdy Behavior SIRIUS Live Online Lea Saturday 10:30am (PST) Jun 13 Class info