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The Sirius Essential Skill Series

The Sirius Essential Skill Series is a 3-part program: Basic Household Manners, Leash Manners, and Come When Called! This series provides targeted, focused work on the most desired and necessary companion dog skills. Classes are self-paced and therefore excellent for building skills and practice at all levels of training. Work for your personal best! Repeat each course as many times as you you’d like to continue to improve your dog’s skills and also to have a safe place to train your dog with support and coaching. The three classes are meant to compliment each other and we recommend taking all three courses in the series for The SIRIUS Essential Skill Series, you are welcome to take each class as a stand alone course as well.

For beginners over 19 weeks of age and Puppy I or II graduates over 19 weeks who want to continue their education as their pup grows up.

Class Topics:

Leash Manners

Teach your dog to walk politely on-leash and to heel on or off-leash. Additional skills taught include; sit, watch me (eye contact/attention), hand target (great for controlling your dog with clarity and ease), follow the leader, and more. This class is 3 sessions total and each session meets approximately 50 minutes each week.

Come When Called!

Teach your dog to come when called with enthusiasm and no matter the distraction! Additional skills taught include; how to properly play (tug), food games, the name game, and sit/down from motion, hide and seek, and more. This class is 3 sessions total and each session meets approximately 50 minutes each week.

Basic Household Manners

This class is about impulse control and basic manners. It’s fabulous for wayward teenagers and new dogs over 5 months of age. Additional skills taught include; watch me, no jumping (teach your dog not to jump up on people), stay from a sit or down, stand still, go to bed, leave it (how to ignore food and other distractions), Take it (how to take things such as food and toys, gently). This class is 3 sessions total and each session meets approximately 50 minutes each week.

Class Requirements:


Temperment: Pups must be friendly with other dogs and people.
Age: Dogs who are older than 19 weeks.
Vaccine: Rabies vaccine or up-to-date vaccination is required.

Each class is 3 weeks long, approximately 50 minutes each week.

Available classes

Class info Location Trainer Day Time Start Info Sign Up
Leash Manners Palo Alto Karen Tuesday 8:00pm Jul 11 Class info