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Things of This Century Damaging Our Health

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ince last decade we have literally got addicted to many inventions especially those technology devices & all comfort devices that added luxury in our lifestyle. As human nature always tends to misuse of the things we have with us such things have taken in wrong sense.


Ultimately it put bad impact on our health. There was a generation who never visited a doctor in their lifespan and they live healthy lifestyle till 100 years. If we observe our current generation of Cenforce 25 we cannot live without doctors or medicinal support. This puts a big question mark on such things invented for our comfort are really helpful or they are making us sick day by day?


Self-prevention is always better than any other thing, or we should take a stand before it’s too late. What are those things that adding health issues in our life due to their usage?


Vehicles – There are different types of vehicles we are using in today’s time, from bull cart to high-speed Vidalista 60mg cars we have developed a lot. The purpose of such vehicles was to cover a long distance in quick time and that was totally a pure intention. As everyone has vehicles now people forgot that they have two legs to cover the distance and that is highly important considering our health. Today world is on the door of being diabetic capital and all the laziness is responsible for this.


Smartphone – We could say a smartphone is the most advance discovery in the world of communication but now the smartphone is not only used for communication but in most of the cases they are being used for some other things. Over usage of phones keeps us closer to those harmful signal which can damage our brain and the continuous watching screen can make us blind.


Air Conditions – If it is hot outside we used Air Condition but we forget that our body has the ability to adjust to every climate which is required for hormonal balance. Air Conditions are being used 24*7 which literally changed the behavior of body and that makes it even more intolerant to an external condition. It also increases the temperature outside which is dangerous adding more to increasing global warming.


Vilitra 60mg are good if they are used in a decent way and we should not addict to it and damage our health at the end.