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On-demand dog training resources

The Top Dog Academy is an unparalleled collection of dog training content, including 100s of hours of video demonstrations, lectures, workshops, and webinars, plus ebooks, worksheets, podcasts and more! And it comes bundled at no extra cost with any SIRIUS Class!


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The Top Dog Academy

When you enroll in any SIRIUS class you get access to a 3-month membership in the Top Dog Academy, at no extra cost, so you can begin your dog’s training immediately. These resources will help support your training in-between your SIRIUS classes and in the months after your SIRIUS class has ended. With the on-demand content in the Top Dog Academy, you can review the videos and other resources as often as you need, at any time and at your convenience.

To be clear, as a SIRIUS student you receive a 3-month membership in the Top Dog Academy and after three months you will lose access to the Top Dog Academy. This is NOT a free trial for a subscription and you will not be billed anything for accessing the Top Dog Academy

The Top Dog Academy is available, as a subscription, to the general public for just $20/month, but when you enroll in a SIRIUS class you get access to the Top Dog Academy for three months without entering into a subscription.

The Top Dog Academy includes:

  • 100s of hours of dog training videos
  • 13 hours of dog training podcasts
  • Dozens of recorded seminars and workshops as well as multiple dog training handouts and worksheets
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook group where you can get answers and advice from other members, professional dog trainers, and the Dunbars
  • Periodic live webinars and Q+A Sessions provide you with a chance to ask the Dunbars your dog behavior and training questions in real time

The Top Dog Academy provides access to over a dozen courses, including:

  • The Behavior Problems Compendium
  • The Essential Puppy Training Course
  • The Treatment and Prevention of Dog Aggression
  • The SIRIUS Dog Trainer Academy
  • The Reliability & Games Dog Training Workshop
  • The Reactivity Workshop
  • Science-Based Dog Training (with Feeling)

In essence, the Top Dog Academy includes all of the recorded dog training content produced by Dr. Ian Dunbar, the founder of SIRIUS. Dr. Dunbar has been studying dog training and behavior for decades and has tirelessly worked to develop dog training techniques that are Easy, Effective, and Enjoyable:

Easy. Our methods are so simple you don't need experience or special skills. Anyone can use our dog training methods.

Effective. Our methods are science-based so you'll see measurable progress immediately.

Enjoyable. Our methods are so much fun to use that you and your dog will both love training together!

To learn more about the Top Dog Academy, visit Dunbar