Puppy Training Classes SIRIUS® Berkeley Sunnyvale San Francisco

Welcome to SIRIUS Puppy & Dog Training.
Over 35 years ago we invented the off leash puppy training class and now we're reinventing it once again.

We offer two types of classes:
SIRIUS Live Online Classes are held remotely, via Zoom
SIRIUS In-Person Classes are held at a handful of locations in the San Francisco Bay Area

We offer three entry-level classes based on your dog’s age:
Puppy Kindergarten for puppies 8-12 weeks old
Puppy Training I for puppies 12-18 weeks old
Dog Training I for dogs 18 weeks or older

All of our SIRIUS Puppy Training Classes come with The Essential Puppy Training Course 
A self-guided, on-demand, online course available on our sister site: DunbarAcademy.com