Puppy Training Classes SIRIUS® Berkeley Sunnyvale San Francisco

CLasses in the San Francisco Bay Area

Puppy Kindergarten $249 5 Sessions; Pups 8-12 weeks (offered only in Berkeley and Palo Alto Saturday mornings)
Puppy Training I $249 5 Sessions; Pups 12-18 weeks
Dog Training I $249 5 Sessions; Dogs 18 weeks or older

Berkeley, Santa Clara, Corte Madera, Los Gatos, Campbell, Mountain View, OaklandPalo Alto, San Francisco, Walnut Creek

All classes come with an unrivaled collection of on-demand video resources to support your training at home

To get a feel for SIRIUS and look inside our classes, please watch the two videos below. 

TWO Puppy TRAINING Ebooks available to the public for free

Download 2 Ebooks by Dr. Ian Dunbar for Free
from our sister site DunbarAcademy.com

Take a look inside our classes:

The real training happens IN YOUR home

Certainly nothing beats the one-stop convenience and magic of an off-leash puppy training class for

  • socializing your puppy with a dozen or so informed ‘strangers’ (other owners)
  • socializing your pup with half a dozen puppies
  • modifying your puppy’s play style by toning down rambunctious pups
  • building confidence in shy or standoffish pups, and of course,
  • mastering off-leash control with distractions, all under the guidance of an instructor on the alert for the need to immediately resolve any incipient behavior, temperament, and training problems. 

However, your puppy’s education needs to be integrated into daily life at home. Consequently, we provide all our students with an unparalleled collection of online training videos.

When you sign up for a SIRIUS® Puppy Training Class, you get lifetime access to the Essential Puppy Training Course which includes 170+ videos that demonstrate each step, allowing you to advance at your own pace before class, in between sessions, and after class has ended.

When you sign up for a SIRIUS® Dog Training Class, you receive a six-month membership in the Top Dog Academy, which includes a score of dog training courses, with 100s of hours of demo videos, workshops, seminars, lectures, and webinars, plus podcasts, eBooks, worksheets, and more! So yup; it’s a massive resource!

However, if you live outside the SF Bay Area:

1.    Download 2 FREE Puppy Training eBooks

2.    Subscribe to the Top Dog Academy for just $20 a month to get instant access to the Essential Puppy Training Course and many other dog training courses.