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OUR Classes

We offer Four types of Classes:

Puppy Kindergarten for Pups 8-12 weeks
Puppy Training I for Pups 12-18 weeks
Puppy Training II for Pups that have completed a SIRIUS Puppy Training I class
Dog Training I for Adolescent Dogs 18 weeks and up

The Complete Puppy Training CourseBundle a Puppy Training I class with a Puppy Kindergarten Class and/or a Puppy Training II class to give your pup the best education possible and save up to $100.

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All classes are $249 for five sessions, meeting at the same time and day each week.
All classes come bundled with unrivaled online, on-demand video-courses to support your training before your class begins and in between sessions:

  • Puppy Classes come with lifetime access to the Essential Puppy Training Course and three months of access to a private online forum and live Q+A sessions. 
  • Dog Training Classes with 6-months access to the Top Dog Academy, with hundreds of hours of dog training videos, plus podcasts, ebooks, worksheets and more.

Puppy Kindergarten and Puppy Training I are offered on a rolling enrollment system. You can start any week and then attend the following four classes to create a complete set of five classes.

Puppy Training II is not an entry level class. It is only available to students who have completed a SIRIUS Puppy Training I within the last 4 months

Dog Training I is an entry level class but it is only suitable for dogs that are comfortable being around other dogs and people. Excited and playful behavior is cool; but dogs who are fearful or reactive, or who bark excessively in a manner that is uncontrollable or disruptive should instead look into private lessons with an experienced dog trainer first.