Puppy training is delightfully fun, but it is also Sirius business. Puppies are super-malleable and learn very quickly. The clock is ticking. The time, thought, and energy you put into your puppy now will form lifelong habits and have lasting effects on your adult dog’s behavior.

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Dr. Ian Dunbar and Kelly Dunbar have developed a complete, three-part curriculum carefully designed to coincide with your puppy’s cognitive development. Our Complete Puppy Training Course will help you navigate the early stages of your pup’s life, from puppy nipping and potty training all the way through to the trials and tribulations of living with a rowdy adolescent dog. At Sirius we create dog stars! 

Raising and training a confident, friendly, and well-mannered lifelong companion takes deserves more than just a 5-week commitment to class.

Puppies develop into dogs very quickly. Your young pup will go through many stages in her first year and Sirius is here to guide you through all of them with the goal of both preparing pups to live with their people and producing stellar companion dogs.

Consequently, we offer our world-famous SIRIUS® Puppy Class as a unique, three-part course comprised of our brand new Puppy Kindergarten and our world-renowned, often imitated never duplicated, SIRIUS Puppy I and Puppy II for a total of 14-weeks of comprehensive and concentrated learning.

The new course is specifically designed to quickly start your pup off on the right paw and to make sure early training and socialization sticks through your dog's adolescence by becoming effortlessly integrated into your ongoing daily routine.

Our puppy classes are taught entirely off-leash in a real-life format with the goal of producing good-natured and well-mannered adult dogs. The primary emphasis is on producing safe, people-friendly and dog-friendly dogs and mastering off-leash, verbal control for around the house and out and about.

To facilitate learning, owners are provided with two class textbooks written by Dr. Ian Dunbar.

Our dog training methods are always both Fido and family friendly.


Registration Fee:

$475 - Save $50 (includes Puppy Kindergarten, Puppy I & Puppy II) 
OR: $370 - Save $30 (includes Puppy I & Puppy II only)

PLEASE NOTE: The website will automatically add the Complete Puppy Course discount if you enroll in all of the classes at the same time. You can also order the classes individually. All Puppy Training I students are eligible for the Complete Puppy Course discount as long as they enroll in the Puppy Training II class before the Puppy Training I class graduates. If enrolling in the classes separately, please give us a call at (800) 419-8748 before your last session of Puppy Training I to get the Complete Puppy Course discount. 


Puppy Kindergarten: Pups must be between 8-11 weeks of age at the start with 1 DHLPP or DHPP vaccination administered at least 7 days prior to the first session
Puppy I: Pups must be between 12-18 weeks of age at the start date of Puppy I with 2 DHLPP or DHPP vaccinations administered at least 5 days prior to the first session.
Puppy Training II: Pups must have graduated our Sirius Puppy Training I to be eligible for Puppy Training II. Pups must have up-to-date vaccinations.





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