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Frequently Asked Questions

Which class should I take if my pup is (#) old?

Puppies who are between 8-12 weeks may start in our Puppy Kindergarten class. The first round of Distemper and Parvo is required for Puppy Kindergarten (In-Person).

Puppies between 12-18 weeks are appropriate for our Puppy Training I course. The first two rounds of Distemper and Parvo are required for Puppy Training I (In-Person). Puppy Kindergarten is not required before Puppy I, but it is recommended.

Any pup that is older than 18 weeks should start off in our Dog Training I class. Up-to-date Distemper and Parvo, and the rabies vaccine are required for In-Person class.

Puppy Training II is only appropriate for puppies who have graduated from our SIRIUS Puppy Training I class.

What is your Refund, Make-Up and Transfer Policy?


Please carefully consider your schedule, commitment to training, and your dog before registering for class. Our class sizes are small to ensure quality. By enrolling, you are reserving a space in one of our courses, i.e., specific sessions in specific classes (at specific times and dates).

A Full Refund may only be obtained if requested at least 5 business days prior to the start-date of the enrolled class. All refund requests must be made in writing & emailed to our office at If your dog is unable to attend due to an injury or illness during your course, you will receive a 50% discount towards a future class.


Requests to transfer to another class (at no extra cost) must be made at least 5 business days before the original class start-date.


To ensure quality, our class sizes are small and your Registration Fee purchases sessions in a specific class. Consequently, we do not offer “make-ups” for missed classes. However, you are welcome to “sit in” on any session at any of our locations without your dog.


Puppy Training I, Puppy Training II, Dog Training I, and all Advanced Classes, require a minimum of at least 3 dogs for the class to run (depending on the location). In the event a class has low enrollment, we will email you at least 2 days before the class was scheduled to start to let you know there is a possibility the class may be cancelled or rescheduled and to offer you a full refund, or the opportunity to transfer to another class (at no extra cost).

Unanswered question?

If you have any more questions, please send us an email:

Our normal office hours are Monday-Thursday 10am-6pm, and on Fridays from 10am-3pm.