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Puppy I

$249 for 5 weekly 50-minute sessions.
Give your pup the best education possible and save up to $100 with a Puppy Training Bundle.

Puppy I is for puppies between 12-18 weeks (85-126 days) old on the first day of class.

Puppy I is offered with a rolling enrollment system so you can start training your pup ASAP and so your pup can benefit from meeting more people and puppies.


In your SIRIUS Puppy I class, you will learn how to teach your pup the essential skills that every pet dog needs to learn:

  • Basic Positions: Sit, Down, Stand & Stay
  • Come when Called, Follow & Heel
  • Shush (Stop Barking) & Settle Down
  • Off, Take It & Thank You (Drop It)

You'll learn how to teach your pup these skills, as well as how to motivate your pup so they WANT to listen to you and do what you ask, even when they are off-leash, at a distance, or engaged/distracted by something else!

You will also learn how to prevent and resolve the most common unwanted puppy behaviors:

  • Fearfulness, Anxiety, Reactivity & Biting
  • Excessive Barking and Crying
  • Destructive Chewing & Potty Accidents
  • Guarding Valued Objects, Running Away & Playing Keep Away
  • Jumping Up, Hyperactivity, & Excessively Rowdy Play

You’ll also receive an unbeatable collection of resources to support your training at home:

  • Two downloadable books by our founder, Dr. Ian Dunbar
  • Three months of access to our library of online courses, including our comprehensive, self-paced Essential Puppy Training Course
  • Weekly live, Zoom Q&A sessions and a private forum for students run by our Training Director, Kelly Dunbar 

These resources make it easy for you to practice at home, troubleshoot when you run into questions or problems, and get the most out of your time in class. There is no puppy training school in the world that provides anything that compares to the resources you receive when you enroll in a SIRIUS Class!


Age: On the start date of class, pups must be between 12-18 weeks (85-126 days) old.

Vaccine: Proof of two DHLPP or DHPP vaccinations given 2-3 weeks apart -- both vaccines administered after 8 weeks of age and the second vaccination given at least 5 days prior to the start-date of class.

Handlers: We require at least one adult per enrolled puppy. We encourage the whole family to attend the class together but if children are three years or younger, a second adult must be present.

Covid Protocols: Some of our locations require proof of vaccinations and/or masking. We respectfully request that you come to class prepared to comply with facility protocols for the comfort and safety of all.