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San Jose

Branham Plaza
4442-B Pearl Avenue
San Jose, CA 95136

Our space is located behind the hair salon.

Trainers at this location

Available classes

Looking for Puppy Kindergarten?

Our Puppy Kindergarten classes are available in San Jose!.
Class info Day Time Start Sign Up
Basic Household Manners Tuesday 7:15pm Oct 1 Join the waiting list
Puppy Training I Tuesday 6:00pm Oct 1
Puppy Training I Saturday 10:15am Oct 12
Puppy Training II Saturday 11:30am Oct 12 Join the waiting list
Basic Household Manners Thursday 7:15pm Oct 24
Puppy Training I Thursday 6:00pm Oct 24
Puppy Training II Tuesday 7:15pm Nov 12
Puppy Training II Thursday 7:15pm Dec 5