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Leash Manners

Pet Food Express
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Leash Manners is a 5-week course that is part of our SIRIUS Essential Skill Series

Teach your dog to walk politely on-leash and to heel on or off-leash. Additional skills taught include; sit, watch me (eye contact/attention), hand target (great for controlling your dog with clarity and ease), follow the leader, and more. This class is 5 sessions total, and each session meets approximately 50 minutes each week.

Please note: Our Leash Manners class in Palo Alto starting on July 11th will be a special 3-week course (rather than 5-week course) for only $135. All other Leash Manner classes will be 5-weeks for $200.

Class Fee:

Registration Fee: $200 for 5 sessions

Please note: All three courses in the SIRIUS Essential Skill Series include: Basic Household Manners, Leash Manners, and Come when Called.


Temperment: Pups must be friendly with other dogs and people.
Age: Dogs who are older than 19 weeks.
Vaccine: Rabies vaccine or up-to-date vaccination is required.