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Oakland West

Every Dog Has Its Day Care
1315 16th St
Oakland, CA 94607

Every Dog Has Its Daycare has a gated parking lot. After hours, please buzz the intercom to enter the secure parking lot.

In addition to the DHLPP/DHPP vaccine(s) that we require here at Sirius Dog Training, our Oakland West location at Every Dog Has Its Daycare also requires the Bordetella vaccine. This vaccine must be given at least 3 days before the start of class. (Please note that you must often specifically request the Bordetella vaccine.)

Trainers at this location

Available classes

Class info Day Time Start Sign Up
Puppy Training I Tuesday 7:00pm Mar 6
Dog Training II Tuesday 8:00pm Mar 6
Leash Manners Tuesday 8:00pm Apr 10
Puppy Training I Tuesday 7:00pm Apr 10
Puppy Training I Tuesday 7:00pm May 15
Come when Called! Tuesday 8:00pm May 15
Basic Household Manners Tuesday 8:00pm Jun 19