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Erika Liljefelt

Erika's life with dogs started at three when her family adopted a Shepherd mix puppy named Fritzi; and her very first memory is of Fritzi being brought into the house by her auntie. She was instantly smitten with dogs and that has never changed. She started actively learning about dog training in 2002 when she first adopted her own dogs, two eight-week-old lab mix puppy littermates. The shelter gave her copies of Dr. Ian Dunbar's Before You Get Your Puppy & After You Get Your Puppy and she was hooked on training, and positive reinforcement specifically. She also took her puppies to SIRIUS puppy classes and still remembers how much they all learned and what a blast they were. They created a strong foundation that lasted their entire lives. Life happened and she stepped away until several years later when she and her partner adopted a dog that ended up having profound behavioral struggles. It is because of him that she is an advocate for the prevention of behavioral issues that are often seen in adult dogs and for using positive reinforcement/force-free training methods, as well putting the behavioral wellness of dogs first and foremost.


She started her career with dogs as a professional dog walker specializing in solo walks with dogs that struggled out in the world and needed extra attention and TLC, as well as group hikes for more social dogs. At the same time, she assisted with dog training classes at her local Humane Society. She always knew she would become a professional trainer and made that a reality a few years ago by attending the Dog Training Internship Academy in San Francisco. She has since earned certifications as a Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer, Family Dog Mediator, and she is a volunteer Participating Trainer for HART - Humane Alliance of Rescue Trainers. She loves to work with people and teach classes. She has taught for a nonprofit that teaches kids in juvenile hall how to teach dogs, currently also teaches classes at a local shelter, and works with private clients. She attends conferences, classes, webinars, workshops, and reads dog behavior & training books to stay up-to-date with canine behavior & training practices.


Erika lives in the Bay Area with her partner, daughter, and their three dogs: Fiona, five-year-old Cattle Dog mix and wild child; sensitive, affectionate Beck, six-year-old Border Collie: and Mochi, 13-year-old terrier mix, who is still a spry little rascal.

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Puppy II Santa Clara Thursday 8:00pm Jul 25
Dog I Los Gatos Wednesday 8:00pm Jul 31
Puppy II Santa Clara Thursday 8:00pm Aug 1
Puppy II Santa Clara Thursday 8:00pm Aug 8
Puppy II Santa Clara Thursday 8:00pm Aug 15
Puppy II Santa Clara Thursday 8:00pm Aug 22
Puppy II Santa Clara Thursday 8:00pm Aug 29
Puppy II Santa Clara Thursday 8:00pm Sep 5
Puppy II Santa Clara Thursday 8:00pm Sep 12
Puppy II Santa Clara Thursday 8:00pm Sep 19
Puppy II Santa Clara Thursday 8:00pm Sep 26
Puppy II Santa Clara Thursday 8:00pm Oct 3