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Kelly Gorman Dunbar

Kelly Gorman Dunbar is the COO and Training Director for Sirius Puppy & Dog training. She’s also the content and curriculum director for the Dunbar Academy and Dog Star Daily, both online educational resource for pet professionals and owners. 

Kelly is the co-founder of Open Paw a non-profit program which provides education and training for shelter workers, volunteers, and animal residents to help shelter dogs and cats not only get adopted, but stay in their homes though behavior problem solving and prevention. 

She contributes to various publications and has lectured internationally on the topics of puppy training and shelter dog training and enrichment. Her goal is to expand awareness about dog behavior and teach people how to live with dogs in harmony while also honoring their inherent dogginess.

Personally, Kelly splits her time between Berkeley, CA and a small farm in the Pacific Northwest. She has four Belgian Shephards, both Malinois and working Tervurens, who she competes with in French Ring Sport and two tiny terriers, Eve and Villanelle, who provide comic relief and loads of humbling moments daily.

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