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Kelly Gorman Dunbar

Kelly Gorman Dunbar is a cofounder and the executive editor of a free online dog training resource. She is the Founder and President of Open Paw, a non-profit organization devoted to addressing the unwanted animal problem both  by streamlining the shelter animal residents/staff/volunteer process for optimum efficiency/enrichment and also by arming communities worldwide with valuable user-and-animal friendly training and behavior information with the goal of keeping cats and dogs out of shelters by keeping them in their original homes.

Kelly lectures internationally on the principles of Open Paw and consults for animal shelters regarding layout, and staff-and-animal training protocols and procedures.

She is the C.O.O. of the Center for Applied Animal Behavior, a multi-faceted business that focuses on teaching people how to train their dogs to be the best canine citizens possible via fun and efficient training techniques involving games and environmental enrichment as rewards for desired behavior.

Kelly also recruits and trains the instructors for SIRIUS Puppy & Dog Training, the largest dog training organization in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the creator of the SIRIUS Sniffers scent-detection curriculum, the SIRIUS Puppy Kindergarten Program, and the SIRIUS Essential Life Skills Series.

Kelly was one of the very first Certified Nose Work Instructors in the United States and has served as a judge for several scent work titling organizations.

Her goal is to expand awareness about dog behavior and teach people how to live with dogs in harmony while also honoring their inherent dogginess.

Kelly lives in California with her “fluffinois” boys, Lazaretto and Mars. 

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