Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all in-person classes are temporarily suspended. However, our SIRIUS commitment to your dog’s education continues! Please visit our online resources, including classes and webinars, at the Dunbar Academy.

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Puppy Training I - POSTPONED

Berkeley (Frances Albrier)
Frances Albrier Community Center @ San Pablo Park
2800 Park Street
Berkeley, CA 94702
Thursday, March 26, 2020
Thursday, April 2, 2020
Thursday, April 16, 2020
Thursday, April 23, 2020
Thursday, April 30, 2020
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** No class on Apr 9th. **

For puppies 12-18 weeks old. $200 for 5 weekly 50 minute sessions.

Puppy I is so much fun and hugely educational! Classes focus on puppy biting, socialization with other dogs and people (especially children, men, and strangers), calming and handling, attention, basic obedience skills (come, sit, down, stand, stay, heel, and walk on leash) and household manners (crate training, toilet training, and chew toy training).

Our expert instructors will teach you how to use food in training without it becoming a bribe so that your puppy responds reliably whether you have food or not.

Learn how to improve your puppy's focus, speed of recall and length of stays off-leash, at a distance and when distracted. Learn how to introduce your puppy to people, places, dogs, and new situations so that they thoroughly enjoy the company of all kinds of folks, especially children, men, and strangers.

Learn how to teach your puppy to play Fetch and Tug and to use these games as rewards in training.

Puppy 1 Curriculum

Sit, Stand, Down & Rollover
Stay, Come, Follow & Heel
Leave it & Take it
Settle Down
Handling & Gentling
Veterinary & Groomer Handling Routines
Pass the Puppy & Puppy Parties


If your puppy is under 12 weeks old, it is highly recommend that you take Puppy Kindergarten before Puppy 1, or in tandem. It is not required but it will provide you with best puppy training experience possible, especially if you follow Puppy 1 with Puppy 2. Save money by registering for these classes together. Learn More


Proof of vaccinations is required at the first class. Please bring proof of two DHLPP or DHPP vaccinations given 2-3 weeks apart -- both vaccines must have been administered after 8 weeks of age and the second vaccination given at least 5 days prior to the start-date of class.

Have your dog/puppy wear a flat, buckle/snap collar, with a 6' leash. “Flexi” retractable leashes are not appropriate for class. No noose or collars that tighten please. Harnesses are allowed in classes for walking exercises, but please also bring a flat collar for use during off leash play. The least amount of "gear" on during puppy play the better!

Don’t feed your puppy right before class. Instead, bring their kibble to class in a ziploc bag for use as lures and rewards while training. Also bring a few extra-tasty treats to reward your pup for their best performances. Make sure your treats are in small, bite-sized pieces that won’t fill your pup up or take long for them to eat.

We require at least one adult per enrolled puppy. We encourage the whole family attend the class together but if children are three years or younger, a second adult must be present.



Age: On the start date of class, pups must be between 12-18 weeks old (i.e., 84-126 days).

If your dog is older than 18 weeks old and has not completed Puppy Training I, Basic Household Manners is the age-appropriate class.

Vaccine: Proof of two DHLPP or DHPP vaccinations given 2-3 weeks apart -- both vaccines administered after 8 weeks of age and the second vaccination given at least 5 days prior to the start-date of class.