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Training from the comfort of home

SIRIUS Live Online Classes are $250. When you sign up for a SIRIUS Live Online class you get a series of 5 live video sessions with a skilled SIRIUS Instructor who will guide you, and a handful of classmates, through the process of training your puppy or dog. 

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SIRIUS Live Online

These classes are conducted using Zoom and will require a high-speed internet connection and a computer or mobile device.

You will get personalized feedback on your pup’s training and answers to all of your questions, with a special focus on the topics that are most urgent and essential for you and your classmates. Your instructor will be able to look at how you’ve set up your pup’s home environment and how your pup behaves in your home, providing suggestions and strategies that are specific to your unique situation.

You will also get instant lifetime access to an unparalleled collection of online resources to support your in-class training. You will get access to your pup training content as soon as you register, so you can start learning and practicing with your pup before your first class even begins. 

If you register for a Puppy Training class you will get lifetime access to the Essential Puppy Training Course, the most comprehensive online puppy training program in the world, included at no extra cost. With over 170 videos organized into 5 developmental stages, this course sells for $200 by itself and provides clear step-by-step instructions and demonstrations of all the essential exercises.

If you register for a Dog Training class you will get access to the Top Dog Academy for 6 months at no extra cost. The Top Dog Academy is our unparalleled collection of dog training resources that includes over 100 hours of videos, plus ebooks, podcasts, worksheets, and more, with specific sections for resolving all of the most common dog behavior problems. Your 6-month membership is a value of $120 by itself, and will provide you with invaluable support that you can refer to at your convenience.

All of our training is reward-based and designed to build and strengthen a relationship between you and your pup that is based on trust and communication.

Initially, we will make extensive use of food in your pup’s training, but we will also show you how to phase out the need for food lures so you do not become dependent on food to get your pup’s attention or compliance.

SIRIUS Live Online Puppy Kindergarten Schedule - for pups 8-12 weeks
SIRIUS Live Online Puppy Training I Schedule - for pups 12-18 weeks
SIRIUS Live Online Dog Training I Schedule - for dogs 18 weeks and up