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Martin Bergamaschi

Martin Bergamaschi graduated from Bergin University of Canine Studies with a bachelors of science degree in Cynology (Canine Science). In 2016, he moved to Texas to start a branch of a non-profit organization where he was devoted to teaching and managing a therapeutic program that focuses on teaching veterans in rehabilitation and recovery how to train service dogs that will be placed with their fellow wounded warriors. Martin has contributed to training and raising over twenty service dogs and puppies in training. In 2019, Martin moved back to California and was thrilled at the opportunity to join the SIRIUS Team.

Martin loves seeing bond and relationships develop between dogs and their families by bridging the communication between humans and their furry four-legged pups by teaching engagement skills, confidence boosting games, and providing plenty of “ah ha!” moments. He has seen major therapeutic benefits that dogs can bring to wounded warriors and would like to help unleash that bond with families in his classes.

Martin spent his childhood in Argentina surrounded by several four-legged family members and learned to read dog body language and behavior at a very young age. He also volunteered at the Sonoma County Humane Society and the Rohnert Park Animal Shelter as a behavior evaluator and trainer.

Martin enjoys learning, training, and competing alongside his significant other (who is also a dog trainer!) with their Cane Corso, Reina and Shih Tzu, Rex. You will usually catch this family in activities such as trick dog training, NADD dock diving, Rally Obedience, and AKC Conformation.

In addition to teaching puppy classes through Sirius, Martin also offers private in-home consultations and board and train opportunities.

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Available classes

Class info Location Day Time Start Sign Up
Puppy II San Francisco Wednesday 7:00pm Apr 17
Puppy II San Francisco Wednesday 7:00pm Apr 24
Dog I San Francisco Wednesday 7:00pm May 1
Dog I Walnut Creek Thursday 7:00pm May 2