Schedule | Sirius Dog Training

We have three entry level Classes:

Puppy Kindergarten for Pups 8-12 weeks
Puppy Training I for Pups 12-18 weeks
Dog Training I for Adolescent Dogs 18 weeks - 2 years

All classes are $249 for five sessions, meeting at the same time and day each week. 

All classes come bundled with unrivaled online, on-demand video-courses to support your training before your class begins and in between sessions:

Check the Schedule below to find which class works for you, or use the links above to learn more about our different classes. 

Please note: Puppy Kindergarten classes do not appear in the schedule because they operate on a rolling enrollment. For Puppy Kindergarten classes go to this page.)

Available classes

Class info Location Trainer Day Time Start Info Sign Up
Puppy II Palo Alto Sue Saturday 11:00am Dec 10 Class info
Puppy I Palo Alto Sue Saturday 10:00am Dec 10 Class info Join the waiting list